Open Source Alternatives To Bootstrap Framework

Bootstrap is one of the most popular UI toolkit in the Open Source community today. But it is not the end of the world. Many more toolkit are being developed and proving to be useful. We will explore some of them in this post.

Multiple Column AutoComplete jQuery Plugin

Many times we need to implement auto complete with multiple columns and a grid like functionality, jQuery Combo Grid comes to the rescue in addressing such requirements.

YouTube style Ajax progress bar using jQuery plugin

YouTube has introduced a new user experience feature, which is using unobtrusive way of showing the page transition progress bar in Ajax requests. A thin line of progress bar is shown on the top of the page.

Install MongoDB Service on Windows 7

2011-02-05_18-11-09MongoDB is a non traditional, document oriented database written in C++. It is useful for storing non structured,complex schema less data. Installing MongoDB as a windows service is tricky. This blog post will help you install MongoDB as a windows service on Windows 7.

Random Posts Script For Blogger Blog

Blogger-IconBlogger platform has many advantages and hence still it is a widely used blog platform for newbie as well as experienced bloggers. Today I am presenting you the Random Posts Script for Blogger. It is a client side JavaScript to be embedded as a widget inside Blogger Template.

Upload Images Directly From Desktop Tools

Upload-IconImages are not going to remain on your hard drive its better to upload and share them. We have created a list of some useful image upload tools for uploading images directly from your desktop to different popular sites such as Flickr,Zoomr,TinyPic and ImageShack and MessyShare.

Download Fastest Windows Desktop File Search Application

Everything-Windows-Desktop-Search-LogoWindows has a build in search facility which is not handy and a bit tedious to use. We present a more useful and fastest windows desktop search tool called Everything Search.

Create Desktop ToDo List Application using Google Tasks & Chrome

Todo-List-1ToDo lists are very effective task management tool. There are many to do list management tools available. We will present a clever way to use Google Tasks as Todo lists service with Google Chrome to create ToDo List Desktop Application.

Backup Mobile Contacts with Google Sync

GoogleSyncMobile Phones are the part and parcel of life now ! Contact Numbers are important ingredient of any mobile user. By chance you loose your contacts then it becomes a nightmare to recompile the list ! It’s better to have a backup of such contacts ! Google Sync is a free online service for backup of your contacts !

How To Download Old Version Of Software

DownloadSometimes we prefer to use older version of software because we are use to with it order to some system incompatibilities ! For example old version of yahoo messenger which works fine on your computer !
We have compiled a list of websites which lets you to download such version of popular free software !

Synchronize Files on Windows Linux Mac iPhone

DropBox-logoSynchronizing files in between different computers and some times between different Operating Systems like Windows and Mac is a tedious process. DropBox is a multi platform online file synchronizing tool to solve this problem !.

Best Download Manager For Windows

Orbit-DownloaderWindows has many Download Managers available but Orbit Downloader is our favorite and most recommended download tool. Read why we are so excited about this download manager ?

Manage Google Services From One Place

Google-Accounts-DashboardGoogle huge number of services with just one account. Users used to find it difficult to manage the individual services. Google has simplified this by launching a Google Dashboard where one can get the all information and option to manage account easily.

Google Friend Connect - New Features Released

Google-Friend-Connect-LogoGoogle FriendConnect is getting a makeover now ! Recently they have announced new features which are radically increasing the user interaction and community building.

Google Commerce Search Related Guide

Google-Commerce-Search-Logo Google has launched a new product with lot of features for online retail stores. This technology is touted to be a fast and innovative service for online enterprise stores. We have gathered some related information about Commerce Search.

New Designed Orkut Invitation

Orkut-Logo-IconOrkut is a popular Social Networking Platform developed by Google in Indian Sub Continent,Brazil and other place of people with these countries. Orkut is re-designed and launched exclusive Invitation based preview. Webiyo is giving away New Orkut Invitations to our readers.

Domain name drop time ranges for TLDs after reaching Pending Delete

DomainName-LogoAfter going into Pending Delete state on SIXTH day domain name get dropped from the registrar database permanently and becomes available for registration. One might be interested in knowing the exact Time of the domain drop process. We have verified and compiled the list domain drop times.

Optimize your Blogger Blog with SEO Hacks for better ranking

Blogspot-Blogger-SEO-LogoBlogspot Blogger platform is one of the popular platform for naive blogger but it lacks some SEO capabilities. We have compiled the list of all legitimate and useful SEO hacks that could be applied to Blogger which in turn would help you to enhance the search engine rankings of your Blogger blog !

Track A Person Online On People Search Engines

People-Search-LogoSome times you may want to track your friend or family member online. Or to find old time friend and acquaintances. You can get connected with people by searching and tracking down online presence and activities. To do so, we have complied the list of useful people search engines.

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