Install MongoDB Service on Windows 7

2011-02-05_18-11-09MongoDB is a non traditional, document oriented database written in C++. It is useful for storing non structured,complex schema less data. Installing MongoDB as a windows service is tricky. This blog post will help you install MongoDB as a windows service on Windows 7.

Download MongoDB

You can download MongoDB in two different editions viz.
32bit MongoDB direct download | 64bit direct download

Installation – Initial Setup

  1. Download & Extract MongoDB anywhere.
  2. Rename & Copy folder structure to c:\ drive.
  3. Like, C:\mongodb165
  4. Add folder
  5. Add log file mongolog.txt here at,

MongoDB Windows Service Installation

  1. Go to C:\mongodb165\bin
  2. Run mongod.exe with given parameters
    mongod --install --rest –master –logpath=C:\mongodb165\logs\mongolog.txt
  3. Edit registry Settings, run regedit from Start menu.
  4. Go to
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SYSTEM >> CurrentControlSet >> services
  5. Find out MongoDB directory & edit ImagePath key
  6. Set value as
    C:\mongodb165\bin\mongod --service  --rest  --master  --logpath=C:\mongodb165\logs\mongolog.txt  --dbpath=C:\mongodb165\data
  7. Save and exit registry editor.
  8. Open ComponentServices from Start >> Run
  9. Click on Services(Local) & find out MongoDB service
  10. Start the service as described below.


  11. Check at http://localhost:28017/ to see , MongoDB should return stats.

It is advisable to 64 bit edition of MongoDB if you are running 64bit OS.
32bit system has it’s own limitations.

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