Open Source Alternatives To Bootstrap Framework

Bootstrap is one of the most popular UI toolkit in the Open Source community today. But it is not the end of the world. Many more toolkit are being developed and proving to be useful. We will explore some of them in this post.

There are many frameworks and ui-kits in the open source community but we are covering here which are well maintained and present on GitHub.

Zurb Foundation ( GitHub Repo | Homepage )

  • One of the most well known framework after bootstrap.
  • Mobile friendly and responsive by default
  • Very well documented and maintained.

Semantic UI ( GitHub Repo | Homepage )

  • New entrant in the open source community
  • Not actually semantic in nature but implements readable class hierarchy for css styles
  • Very well thought components
  • Rising very fast in getting the traction from fellow developers.

Adobe Topcoat ( GitHub Repo | Homepage )

  • Coming from adobe clan it certainly has an edge.
  • Focus here is on the performance of the components styling
  • Includes the open fonts provided by Adobe
  • Comes with most of the commonly requited components

Gumby Framework ( GitHub Repo | Homepage )

  • Relatively lesser known framework
  • Well maintained
  • Sizable component set
  • Nice theme support
  • Responsive & mobile friendly

UI Kit ( GitHub Repo | Homepage )

  • Had most of the standard set of components
  • Modular architecture
  • Built on LESS & Grunt

If you are aware of any other framework which could act as an alternative to Bootstrap then please share the same in comments section. I'd add them here in the list.